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Frequently asked questions


How is it licensed?

ChilliDB offers two license options: Shared licenses and Exclusive licences which can be combined for flexbility and value for money. Shared (also called Concurrent) licenses are where each user has their own ChilliDB login, however they use a license from the pool of licenses. With each login, a license is taken from the pool. This license model is very effective for supporting peaks and troughs in system usage where you may have many users who log in at different times but not all users using the system at the same time. The common formula for working out your Shared User License requirements is: Number of Staff using ChilliDB Shared Licenses x 60%. For Example: 10 Staff may only need 6 Shared User Licenses. Exclusive (also called Named) licenses are where each user has their own ChilliDB login and a license which is not shared. This model supports users who require access to ChilliDB at any time and can not wait until there is a free Shared licenses available. You can always add more licenses as needed at any time.

Is it possible to have a mix of Named and Shared Licenses?

Yes. It is recommended to have a couple of Named user licenses for your application. These are for administrators who can always access the system. Shared user licenses can be used for the remaining users to suit your usage patterns.

Does the Outlook Plug-in Use Additional Licenses?

Our ChilliDB Plug-in shares licenses with the Web Application. In other words, a single user license is needed for each user to access ChilliDB through both the Web Application and Outlook Plug-in.

Does ChilliDB Web Controls Require a License?

​No. The web controls access ChilliDB using a system account to ensure continual availability.


What is ChilliDB CRM?

ChilliDB is an Australian made CRM solution designed specifically for not for profits, primary health care providers and membership organisations like associations and clubs. Here are some of the more popular modules included in the base product: Contacts, Organisations, Notes, Survey, Membership, Events, Client Administration, Case Management, Contract Management, Asset Register, Order System, Data Mining and Website Integration Here are the Department of Health specific modules: ATAPS – Access to Allied Psychological Services, RPHS – Rural Primary Health Services, PIR – Partners in Recovery, MSOAP – Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program, HACC – Home and Community Care. ChilliDB Custom Fields allow you to build your own forms and fields to allow you to hold any information you need to hold, manage or report on.

Is ChilliDB right for my organisation?

ChilliDB has been designed to enable all required information regarding organisations, contacts and interactions to be recorded securely and to be available for subsequent enquiry and reporting on any web based peripheral. Quick and easy access to information is essential in today’s fast paced competitive environment. ChilliDB allows you to keep your finger on the pulse, allowing you to manage your day to day activities with one web based login. Imagine the time you can save by eliminating all of those individual programs you are running that aren’t currently centralised or accessible in one easy to use system!

Can I customise ChilliDB to suit my business?

Of course! This is why ChilliDB is way ahead of its competitors! By allowing you to quickly add and remove additional data capture fields to the system, you can be sure that no matter what, ChilliDB can accommodate all your information capture needs. ChilliDB can be customised to meet your requirements and specifications easily without having to have programmers involved.

Does ChilliDB integrate easily with other applications?

ChilliDB is built using the Microsoft .Net framework which is specifically designed for easy interoperability. When you have outgrown your Excel or Access Database or tired of paying outrageous prices for your current CRM, it is easy to import your valuable data to ChilliDB.

Does ChilliDB support tablets and phones?

ChilliDB is designed for web access, so any device with a web browser can access ChilliDB. The larger the device the better experience you will enjoy.

What are the software and hardware requirements for ChilliDB?

​Any device which has a web browser and access to the internet is able to access ChilliDB. If you want to use the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in, your computer needs to be running Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

How much does ChilliDB cost?

ChilliDB is extremely affordable, arguably the most affordable CRM solution on the market. Instead of a lump sum licence fees, you only pay monthly for access to the software based on the number of users per month that require access. We host the software, you just log in and use it and pay a small fee per month per user. View the pricing menu for more details.

How do I give feedback or suggestions on ChilliDB?

We have developed multiple levels of engagement with users so you can interact with how it suits you best. Our web based Help Desk is available 24 hours per day. You can lodge suggested enhancements or vote on enhancements lodged by other clients to help guide ChilliDB. Live workshop training is delivered regularly, providing direct interaction with consultants and responses to your ‘how to’ questions. We have a survey feedback channel, that we check regularly to decide training topics and new product features to develop.

Data Storage

Is my Data Stored in Australia?

Yes! All data is hosted on our servers, in a Tier 2 data centre, in Brisbane Australia. No data is held offshore.


How secure will ChilliDB keep my data?

ChilliDB is built on Microsoft .Net framework with Microsoft SQL Server, providing an enterprise level architecture and database solution. SSL encryption is used to protect the transfer of data to/from ChilliDB, this technology secures your data by encrypting information and providing authentication. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed for transmitting information via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data − a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message.

What sort of security does ChilliDB provide for Users?

ChilliDB uses Role based security to allow you to isolate parts of the system to certain types of users, usually around business groups or programs that you deliver. Within those Roles, you can define the level of access (View, Modify, Delete/Expire) that you give to each Role. ChilliDB also includes Sensitivity which can secure certain Notes or Contacts in the system to certain User Roles. For instance, all Notes related to Compliments and Complaints or a specific program may be sensitive and not visible to general users outside management. Custom Fields allows you to break down a form and hold sensitive information in sections of the form, so while access to the form may be possible for all users in a certain Role, you may like to have some information only accessible by certain Roles as well. In summary, ChilliDB has a number of mechanisms to protect the information that you hold.

Does Chillidb have an access control feature such as a "view only" feature on the information about donors, and restricted edit accesses?

Yes, we have lots a view only options which restrict who can see/change data, etc.


Does ChilliDB provide fundraising and campaign management for marketing activities?

Our product is more focused on managing the services provided such as case management and the interactions with your stakeholders and clients. Other products have more of a focus on selling and provide tools to support sales and marketing automation.

Can ChilliDB process donations, send e-marketing and analyse donor data?

Yes, ChilliDB has its own email system and integrates with MailChimp for e-marketing. We also have a donation module which allows you to record donations. We also have data mining, reporting and visualisation features to help you analyse donor data.

Do the webforms connect with a number of payment gateways?

By default we use Paypal and review the clients payment gateway option on a case by case basis as there are many.

Does ChilliDB have SMS integration features?

Yes, ChilliDB does have SMS integration features. You can find out more about it on this page here: https://www.chillidb.com/sms

Does ChilliDB have a duplicate detector?

Yes, we do.

Does ChilliDB have address verifiers?

Yes, when you type in an address it auto completes using the Australia Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) dataset.

Does ChilliDB have donor/contact profile segmenters?

Custom fields are unlimited and can be created specifically for each type of contact. They can be easily searched using our search tools.

Can ChilliDB integrate with websites to allow for newly entered donor details to be sent from the website to the CRM without manual re-entry?

Yes, our web control forms allow you to quickly create forms on your web site that directly integrate into ChilliDB avoiding the need to re-enter the data and can alert staff when forms are completed.

Does ChilliDB track financial transaction history and transactions for membership?

Yes, ChilliDB can generate invoices either directly or through integration to accounting tools. The transaction is recorded. When the payment is made we can also record this.

Can ChilliDB be integrated with Wordpress?

Yes, ChilliDB web controls can be integrated with Wordpress, see this article for more information https://www.chillidb.com/helpcentre/web-controls/how-to-display-a-web-control-on-your-website

Does ChilliDB have call centre support with redirection/escalation of enquiries/support calls

We don’t currently offer a call centre tool although we do offer a case tool which can be used for tracking activities and general note management with follow up support.

Does ChilliDB let you create a hierarchy of organisations? eg a national body, with regional sub bodies which in turn have community groups with sub groups

You can record your parent organisations. Those parent organisations can do the same as many times as required. When you look at the organisation you can see its parents and direct children listed.

Does ChilliDB have the ability to integrate with other apps and conservation systems via APIs?

Yes, ChilliDB has a built in API

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Help Desk and Help Centre are available through the Support menu. You can also email the Help Desk at: helpdesk@chillidb.com