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Nov 15, 2018

What is Case Management?


Edited: Sep 16

Case Management allows you to formulate a process which is made up of one or more steps and apply that process to a given situation to ensure that it is dealt with in a structured and consistent manner. Safeguards are implemented into Case Management to ensure that alerts and notifications are issued so that each situation is monitored and reaches completion in a timely manner.


Case Management in ChilliDB involves:

Defining a Process Definition which gives the structure to a process

Applying a Process Definition to a situation which is referred to as a Case

Allocating Cases to Case Workers

Monitoring of Cases by Case Managers

Case Workers updating the Activities which make up the Process Definition applied to the Case until it is completed


The following figure outlines the structure for a Case

Case Administration encompasses management of the following components which support the Case Management module


The Case Management module tracks Cases as they transition through the following status



Case Management delivers the following functional goals to an Organisation:

- Easy to use and work with.

- Centralised cases and allocation of cases. Cases are stored centrally in the case management module for allocation. Allocations can be first in first out, or based on assessment of current active Cases for a staff member.

- Clear visibility of progress to all levels of user – summaries of all Cases and Activities

- Escalation of Cases which have slipped through their key dates.

- Re-Assignment of cases to better manage case loads and adequately handle staff turnover and holidays.

- Proactive in driving the user, make the system work to support the users through notifications and follow-ups to Case Workers, as well as other parties within the Organisation where they may need to become involved.

- Comprehensive Reporting delivered through integrated searches and reports.

- Adaptable to future business needs. The module supports high levels of customisation.




Process - Process Configurations link with Business Groups within your Configuration Organisation and reflect the processes performed by those Business Groups.


In ChilliDB, they define Workers, the Manager of that Definition, Case Identification options, Custom Activity Status and Colours, and Organisation Working Hours, which is important for determining when Activities will be expected to be completed.


Process - Process Definitions define a process and are made up of one or more Definition Activities which can be grouped into Phases.


Process Definitions are applied to a Case to give it structure and guidance through a number of Activities which need to be performed.


Process Definitions are generally allocated a Case Manager who is responsible for that Process Definition.


Activity - One or more Activities make up a Process Definition. Each Activity includes a nominal amount of Effort which is required to perform that Activity.


The sum of this Effort determines the length of time a Case will be in progress before being completed.


Activities can Alerts and Notifications based on the outcome of Activities such as Completion of an Activity.


Phase - Phases are a grouping of one or more Activities within a Process Definition


Case - Cases are a situation or work item which requires a Process Definition to be applied to it, which they are then able to follow.


Each Case has one Case Worker and one Case Manager at any single point in time.


Cases have a Status which generally follows the pattern of: Un-Allocated > In Progress > Closed. On Hold is also available to suspend a Case for a period of time.


Case Worker - ChilliDB users who perform the actual day to day Activities associated with Cases.


Each Case can have one Case Worker at any point in time, where that Case Worker is the owner of that Case.


Case Workers are allocated to a Process Definition usually by a Case Manager who is responsible for that Process Definition.


Case Workers can Allocate cases to themselves, refer cases to other Case Workers, Update Activities on a Case, Record Notes about Cases.


Case - ChilliDB users who are responsible for facilitating running Cases.

Case Managers can monitor all Cases for which they Manager of a Process Definition.


Case Managers can manage Process Definitions and allocates Case Workers to that Process Definition.


Case Managers can Allocate one or more Cases to Case Workers.


Case managers can also be changed at any time during the process.


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