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Nov 27, 2018

What does the ... mean on the Note Search?


Edited: Mar 13

The Notes Search by default will roll up information to the Note level. This means, that is a Note is created against more than one Organisation, the search results will show "..." under the "Note for Organisation" column.


Likewise, if the Note was created against more than one Contact, then the "Note for Contact" column will also show "...".


There is an option in Advanced search criteria on the Note search called "Search Result Behaviour" which has options of "Show one row per Note" and "Show one row per Contact/Organisation Association". Selecting the second option will return all Note - Contact - Organisation associations, so you will see all Notes and each Contact / Organisation it is linked to.

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  • To speed up the note creation process, users with the note manager ticket can create note templates. When creating a note with the note manager ticket, you will see a 'Save As Template' button on the bottom of the screen. Clicking this won't save the note but will save all the values in a template so you do not need to fill in the same fields every time you create a note. Once you have clicked save you will be asked for a template name. Once you have filled this out and clicked save, your note templates will be available when creating a new note. Was this article helpful?
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