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Client Management Solution

Can manage all your information.

Track all services and interactions.

All data stored and hosted securely in Australia.

Designed for the Australian Not for Profit, Community and Health sectors.

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Some of our clients in the Not for Profit, Community and Health sectors.

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Why Choose ChilliDB?

Customizable Client Management System

ChilliDB is a flexible user friendly client management system which can be customised to your own individual business model. Our product is more focused on managing the services provided such as case management and the interactions with your stakeholders and clients instead of tools to support sales and marketing automation.


ChilliDB morphs into your own system, tailored especially for you, by you or with the support from friendly Polymorphic Solutions Staff, making it easily adopted by your staff.

You can define specific workflows unique to your business, describe your own fields, profile key attributes and create your own screens, tabs, lists and views – without having to do any programming.

By easily allowing you to add and remove additional data capture fields to the system, you can be sure that no matter what, ChilliDB can accommodate all your information capture needs. 

ChilliDB gives you the freedom to achieve your goals!

Key Features

Case and Contract Management

Save time with Case management and Contract management tools with dedicated support for various national programs.​

Event Management

Take the stress out of Event Planning and Management with ChilliDB's Event Management capability.

Client Management and Communication

Manage your clients through effective communication. Store contact details, notes and interactions so that they are easily accessible by relative staff. 

Xero and Mailchimp Integration 

Use Xero to automatically invoice your members from ChilliDB and receive confirmation of payments as they occur. Integrate with Mailchimp and link your distribution lists in ChilliDB to a Mailchimp list.

Web Controls

Integrate with your website in less than 30 mins! Event and membership signup forms, service directories, newsletter subscriptions and more!

Membership Management

Simplify your membership management with support for unlimited members, paid and non-paid membership and renewal tracking.


Deliver better outcomes from programs / services

Fully cloud base, up and running in days with no IT skills required

Your data stored and backed up securely onshore in an Australian data centre

Dedicated support team on hand to help you get up and running successfully and maximize your investment in ChilliDB

Engage Your Clients and Stakeholders

ChilliDB will assist you in engaging with your clients and stakeholders effortlessly allowing you to capture and manage all information you need to track including Address, Communication, Relationship and Demographic details.



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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