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ChilliDB HACC module supports both commissioners or coordinators of the program as well as the providers delivering the services.

Walk in the Park

The Home and Community Care or just Community Care program provides funding for services which support frail older people and their carers, who live in the community and whose capacity for independent living are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long term residential care.

ChilliDB HACC module supports both commissioners or coordinators of the program as well as the providers delivering the services. For providers, they can choose to either directly enter service delivery information if they don't have their own system, or if they do have their own system, they can use the import feature and importing service delivery data. Regardless of who you are or how you operate the program, ChilliDB allows you the flexibility to manage this program.


Service Providers are able to securely access ChilliDB and manage clients referred to Coordinators who have full oversight of the program delivery and are able to submit MDS exports to your stakeholders.


ChilliDB Helps Deliver HACC for Better Healthcare


The HACC Module extends ChilliDB by leveraging existing information held within ChilliDB to securely manage and review:


  • Referral to HACC program services through primary health professionals, family, carers and also self-referrals.

  • Assessment of a clients’ eligibility and prioritise their access to HACC services using the Ongoing Needs Identification screening tool (ONI). This assessment process captures the Core, Functional and Living information within ChilliDB.

  • Custom Fields which allows you to tailor the information captured within this program

  • Continuity of care is maintained securely and privately through ChilliDB User Roles allowing you to bring your service providers into ChilliDB to access and maintain HACC data. You can control the access within ChilliDB that your service providers have been granted allowing them to only access their clients and service details within the HACC module, and exclude them from accessing any other ChilliDB details.

  • Service Providers without a system of their own for managing service delivery can use ChilliDB to hold their Service information against clients referred to them. Service Providers with their own systems can receive referrals from ChilliDB and then Import their episodic service information into ChilliDB removing the need to duplicate effort.



Program Management & MDS Reporting

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Client Administration - Cases.png
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Client Administration - Report - Note Su
Client Administration - Report - Note Su

Capturing your HACC data within ChilliDB means you can keep your data in one central and secure location, reduce your training needs, and have confidence that you can easily report this data in a consistent format.

Pre-packaged reports on Clients and Services assist you to manage the day to day program activities, while an export of all Client and Service information allows you to report directly to your stakeholders using the HACC Transmission Protocol – HACC MDS V2.0 (Update 2.01) at the press of a button.




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