Self Managed Service Directory

in under 30 mins!

At regular Intervals, use ChilliDB Survey to invite your services to review and update their details


You choose who to invite from your Service (Organisations / Contacts) in ChilliDB.  The Service will receive an email with a secure link to the Survey form.

The Service can review and maintain their own information on the Survey form


The survey will have the Service's information from ChilliDB merged onto the Survey form.  They can review their information, make any necessary changes, even opt in or out of the Service Directory

All Survey information is merged back into ChilliDB when the Survey is submitted


You can choose on a question by question basis, what information is merged back into the Organisation or Contact records, either automatically, or manually.

Add the Listing ChilliDB Web Control to your website to allow website visitors to access your Service Directory


You configure your web controls through ChilliDB choosing how you filter the Organisations from ChilliDB which appear on your website, whether of not you would like a Search, or just a Listing, which fields you would like to be searchable, which fields appear on your Listing and Summary pages.  ChilliDB Web Controls require zero programming!

Don't develop your own Service Directory - they are costly and time consuming


ChilliDB Web Controls require zero programming!  The Survey can manage your data collection and cleansing.  Your services can maintain their own information, so no need for printing out forms and entering them back in.  No need for exporting data and re-importing it back in.  ChilliDB takes care of everything!

ChilliDB Survey in Action


This video shows you the process of sending out Survey links, which have Questions which default information from ChilliDB. It shows the update of the information by the recipient of the Survey request and the Auto Merge of information back into the ChilliDB record.

ChilliDB Web Controls in Action


This video shows how you can list a collection or Organisations on your website, choosing what information is shown, what information is searchable and how to filter the organisations which can appear on your website.