Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) was introduced to enable GPs under the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care program to refer consumers to allied health professionals to deliver focussed psychological strategies.


ChilliDB has a specialised ATAPS module which was developed in consultation with our clients. The ChilliDB ATAPS module has been trusted by countless organisations for many years to manage and report on the ATAPS program.


This module enables your staff, be they coordinators of the program, or providers delivering the services, to securely manage all of your patient, referral and sessional information in the ChilliDB system.

ChilliDB ATAPS Delivers Better Outcomes


The ATAPS Module extends ChilliDB allowing you to leverage other modules such as Contacts, Organisations, Purchase Orders, Messaging and Surveys to securely manage and review:


  • Summaries of diagnostic presentations

  • Summaries of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) delivered

  • Patterns of referrals

  • Referrals to each Allied Health Professional

  • Patients who have been referred, but not yet presented

  • Monitor improvement in mental health outcomes based on outcome measure data.


Capturing your ATAPS data within ChilliDB means you can still keep your data in one central and secure location and you can also easily report this program data to your stakeholders.


Send and Track referrals through ChilliDB for your Providers to be able to log into ChilliDB and securely manage their Patient.

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Using ChilliDB and the ATAPS module makes your life easier. If you are an existing ChilliDB client, you can quickly add this module to your system. If you are looking for a client management system to manage ATAPS - take advantage of the other functionality available in ChilliDB - ChilliDB can assist your whole organisation.​

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Centralised Information Storage

All of your data is in ChilliDB - Patients, Sessions, Referrals, Referrers, General Practitioners and Allied Health

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Streamlined Export / Import MDS Reporting

Press a button and your data is exported into a special format required by the MDS website

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Commissioning Organisations can provide limited access to Providers Allowing the Providers to see their Patients and enter their Session data. 

The Commissioning Organisation can oversee and manage all ATAPS program delivery and report the information as required


Streamlined Reporting to the MDS Website

The ATAPS Module allows you to easily export your minimum datasets (MDS) for Patients, Referrals and Sessions and take this data to the MDS website and upload it. This saves valuable time by not forcing you to rekey information into external reporting systems.


This data is exported to the format specified by the MDS website.



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