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ChilliDB - a diverse ecosystem


The ChilliDB ecosystem is a collection of modules and extensions which interact as an integrated system to provide great flexibility helping you to achieve more.


Explore each of the items under the Solutions menu to find out how we have implemented out of the box support for a number of government programs which streamline data collection and reporting for your stakeholders while providing you with comprehensive management and oversight of your business and programs.  


Many of the modules available in ChilliDB, coupled with the flexibility of Custom Fields, will allow you to support just about any program or activity through ChilliDB, while our extensions for Microsoft Outlook and you website will allow you to streamline data collection processes.

Contract Management

The ChilliDB Contract Management will manage all of your contracts, from opportunity stage through until contract execution and delivery.

Home and Community Care (HACC)

Home and Community Care provides funding for services which support the frail older people and their carers.

Partners In Recovery (PIR)

Partners in Recovery (PIR) streamlines the client journey while providing a flexible and comprehensive client and case management solution.

SMS Messaging

ChilliDB SMS provides Hosted ChilliDB clients with a simple to use and fully integrated SMS solution.

Client Administration

The ChilliDB Client Administration module supports any Coordinated Care program.

Access to Allied Psychological Services

Access to Allied Psychological Services allows you to securely manage all of your patient, referral and sessional information.

Web Controls

ChilliDB Web Controls bring the benefits of ChilliDB to your website with minimum effort.

Donor Relationship Management

Maximise donor engagement and increase outcomes through our donation module which allows you to record donations and analyse your donor data.

Case Management 

Case Management allows you to assess, plan and monitor the delivery of support to the client, and adhere to milestones.

The Rural Primary Health Services (RPHS)

Rural Primary Health Services improves access to primary and allied health care services and activities for rural and remote communities.

Outlook Plug-In

The ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in allows you to categorise and store emails as notes in ChilliDB from your Outlook mailbox.

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