ChilliDB for Health Services delivers a healthy and productive partnership

Polymorphic Solutions has been providing expertly customised ChilliDB to Divisions of General Practice, Medicare Locals and now Primary Health Networks as well as many varied Health Service Providers for over 10 years! We value our position as the leading information system for these clients and continue to support and inovate as the landscape changes in Australian healthcare service delivery. 

ChilliDB for Health Services comes bundled as a specialised template and features which will ensure that you are able to meet all of your reporting demands. It also ensures that you can continue to manage all of your stakeholders and contracts and also track all of the activities in one centralised system to streamline your reporting. Dedicated modules will help you manage specific program reporting, contracts and commissioning activities, as well as the delivery of those activities to your clients.



Contacts, Clients and Stakeholder


Events, Training, Professional Development


Custom Fields, Form Building

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Notes, Activity Tracking, Service Delivery, Workflow

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Contract Management, Commissioning

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Searching, Reporting, Data Mining, Visualisations


Messaging and Communications


Survey, Data Collection and Cleansing, Needs Assessments



What People Say

"ChilliDB has been our trusted stakeholder engagement platform for over 10 years. It is critical to the day to day operation of our business and meets all of our information capture, management and reporting requirements. Having the flexibility to extend and customise our system ourselves as our business needs change with little effort is the biggest advantage ChilliDB gives us."


—  Brisbane North Primary Health Network

Simon Carr - Manager - Information Services

Contacts, Clients and Stakeholders

ChilliDB captures and manages any information you may wish to store on stakeholders, clients, and their staff through Organisations and Contacts. You can track their relationships and report on all activities performed with and on behalf of those stakeholders, clients, and contacts across the entire product.

If you need to store information on Clients who participate in sensitive programs, you can utilise the Client Administration module to isolate these Clients into Programs and utilise the Sensitivity module to secure access to specific staff.

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Nurse Taking Notes

Notes, Activity Tracking, Service Delivery, Workflow

ChilliDB Notes is where you record all communications and interactions that you have with your Contacts, Clients and Organisations.


Customise what information you capture in your Notes through our Custom Fields which allows you to build forms to meet your program, project or service delivery requirements to ensure that you are able to report accurately and efficiently on all of your Organisation's business.

ChilliDB Alerts can be set for Notes to add reminders and drive workflow activities ensuring an activity can be followed up at a later date.


Messaging and Communications

ChilliDB Messaging allows professional personalised communications to be sent through ChilliDB. Messages can be sent as Emails, SMS and Faxes and you can create Distribution Lists for managing your regular communications. ChilliDB allows you to create rich HTML emails for your messages.


All messages sent through ChilliDB are categorised and recorded as Notes which are linked to your Contacts and Clients so you can keep a history of all your communications. You can track Opening of Emails as well as Read Receipts and request Delivery Receipts. 

Message Templates, Personalisation of Messaging

Define Message Templates with HTML and Plain Text content to ensure that your messaging matches your recipient's preferences and personalise all emails to include people’s names and other key information. Message Templates allow you to maintain a consistent and professional standard for all communications.


ChilliDB includes SMS capabilities out of the box with every client receiving a FREE monthly allocation of SMS messages with options to pay for additional messages.

FREE Outlook Plug-in

ChilliDB provides a FREE Outlook Plug-in which allows you to quickly store emails received and sent using Outlook into ChilliDB as Notes, ensuring all activities which must be reported are held centrally in ChilliDB and reportable.

Events, Training, Professional Development

ChilliDB Events are ideal for managing your training, workshops and events. ChilliDB will also facilitate your event registration, planning and delivery processes by managing event preparation, venue information and scheduling, logistics, speakers and program content preparation, and keep on top of event day activities with custom name tags, sign in sheets and certificates. 


Supports Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

ChilliDB Events supports Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by allowing you to track point entitlements per session identifying who attended, cancelled, or didn't attend on the day. Maintaining accurate data and allowing you to report that information to the participants or their professional bodies.


Integrate with ChilliDB Web Controls

Publish your Events listing and calendars onto your website using ChilliDB Web Controls enabling Event Registrations directly into ChilliDB.  


Receive Reporting Extracts

ChilliDB provides report extracts enabling direct uploads into the National Prescribing Services (NPS) reporting system.

Contract Management, Commissioning

ChilliDB Contracts module allows you to track all of your Contracts, from Prospect or Opportunity through to Contract execution, recording all activities and keeping track of key dates and deliverables associated with the Contracts.


The ChilliDB Contract Module leverages the Contacts and Organisations you hold in your system offering comprehensive workflow process options and ChilliDB Alerts to allow staff to track the progress of contract deliverables throughout a Contracts’ lifecycle


Custom Fields, Form Building

A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development. Fields can be of any type including; date, time, text, currency, drop downs, yes/no and many more along with calculated formula fields. There is no limit to the number of Custom Fields that may be added. Custom Fields will ensure the system is easily customizable to respond to changing business and reporting requirements quickly.

Survey, Data Collection and Cleansing, Needs Assessment

The ChilliDB Survey module provides a powerful built in Survey tool to streamline your data collection and maintenance and inform your business activities. Don't waste time exporting your information to another system or trying to get Survey response data from another system back into ChilliDB. ChilliDB gives you the ability to create professional looking surveys, prepopulate information from ChilliDB onto those Survey forms, the ability to send personalised invitations to your Contacts, Clients or Members, and then merge information gathered through those Surveys back into ChilliDB. The merge can be performed either manually or automatically depending on your needs.

Searching, Reporting, Data Mining, Visualisations


ChilliDB includes a number of options to view and find information to meet any users needs, including:​

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Search Screens

Allows searching of both standard fields and Custom Fields.

Reporting and Data Access_no circle.png

Data Mining Module

Allows you to mine, group, aggregate and summarize information within ChilliDB.



Allows you to visualise your data



Allows for parameterised and professional reports to be created and then upload into ChilliDB for other ChilliDB users to view. In addition to viewing and printing, reports can be exported to other popular formats such as PDF to enable emailing to external users.



A broad range of permissions can be assigned to control user access throughout ChilliDB. In addition to module specific permissions, user’s abilities for reading, updating and deleting data can be controlled. Role based security is employed to simplify security management where permissions are assigned to roles rather than directly to users. Users are then assigned to roles and are governed by the rights of those roles.


Specialised Program Delivery Modules

ChilliDB includes a number of specialised modules specifically for Health Service organisations, whether they are providing the services themselves, or commissioning the services to your Providers and only require management level program information for reporting.

Secure and Managed Provider Access

These modules can allow you to provide access into your ChilliDB by your providers even when they work outside of your organisation, fully secure in the knowledge that they are only permitted to do the activities and see the the information that you have allowed them to perform.


Streamlined Reporting

Each of these specialised modules includes streamlined reporting which generates the data extracts required for each program at the push of a button.

Supported Programs

Access to Allied Psychological Services

Access to Allied Psychological Services allows you to securely manage all of your patient, referral and sessional information.

Partners In Recovery (PIR)

Partners in Recovery (PIR) streamlines the client journey while providing a flexible and comprehensive client and case management solution.

Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa
The Rural Primary Health Services (RPHS)

Rural Primary Health Services improves access to primary and allied health care services and activities for rural and remote communities.

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Home and Community Care (HACC)

Home and Community Care provides funding for services which support the frail older people and their carers.

Doctor with Files
Client Administration

The ChilliDB Client Administration module supports any Coordinated Care program.

Doctor and Patient
Closing the Gap (CTG)

Closing the Gap (CTG) provides healthcare support for Aboriginal and/or Torres Straight Island Descent.


Publish a Service Directory from ChilliDB in less than 30 minutes!


Using the Organisations Web Control, you can choose to publish a listing of clients directly from ChilliDB, and it should take no longer than 30 minutes!


You can choose which clients (for example, those who opt in to be published), you can choose which fields are presented on the Search, Listing, and Details pages that the Organisation Web Control presents for you on your website.


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You manage your Web Controls from within ChilliDB

All information on your Service Directory is LIVE, pulled directly from ChilliDB

You can define as many listings of Organisations or Contacts that you need. For instance, to meet different programs, so that clients can use your website to find services you provide through your provider network



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