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The ChilliDB Partners in Recovery (PIR) solution streamlines the client journey while providing Lead Agencies and Support Facilitators a flexible and comprehensive client and case management solution. This includes support for coordination level management as well as the centralised service delivery by all of the providers and agencies who are part of the care team working with your clients.

ChilliDB Client and Case Management provide the perfect partnership for PIR


The ChilliDB Partners in Recovery (PIR) solution is underpinned through the Case Management Module and Client Administration Module, allowing you to:


  • Manage clients through Inquiry, Eligibility, Engagement, Assessment and Review processes to assist them with the complex needs. 

  • Financial expenditure can be managed and reviewed with support for approval processes to enable Support Facilitators to deliver the program and for Lead Agency Program Managers to track expenditure.

  • ChilliDB supports the PIR Minimum Data Set (MDS) and reporting requirements.

  • Access to PIR Clients, Action Plans and related program data is completed isolated within the ChilliDB module for privacy, however you can also leverage existing Provider data held in ChilliDB – all security is managed by your program managers.

  • ChilliDB supports sending referrals to Support Facilitators who can then securely log into ChilliDB and see only the clients referred to them.

Client Administration - PIR - Action Pla

ChilliDB Client Administration Module

​​This module enables a user to define any number of types of Clients (such as a Patient or Participant on a Coordinated Trial or some other program), and build data capture forms quickly with pre-built features commonly used in care coordination programs.  Forms can then be customised with custom fields to meet specific program needs. Once a client is defined and forms are built, the user can then control the security access.


Client Administration includes a number of pre-defined features out of the box including support for:

  • Carer Details

  • Case Notes

  • Clinical Information

  • Consent Details

  • Counselling Services

  • Exit Information Details

  • Health Assessment and Care Plan Details

  • Interpreters Details

  • Next Of Kin Details

  • Action Plans

  • Financial Expenditure

Client Administration -

ChilliDB Case Management Module

​​ChilliDB provides full Case Management integration, which allows a Support Facilitator to assess, plan and monitor the delivery of support to the client, and adhere to milestones.


The analysis of activities generated from the Case Management module will provide support for planning, reporting and system advocacy, to implement better outcomes for people with severe and persistent mental illness.


contract visibility.png

Case Management

Reusable templates and flexible work flow support staff during intake, assessment, action plan management and exit processes. The workflow can be updated as needed, without compromising existing service delivery or system uptime.

cases_no circle.png


All client activities and interactions are recorded in the case. Any client or organisation can have multiple cases attached to their record.  It is a complete historical record of all major changes and high level interactions.


Phases and Activities

The processes can be set into broad groupings (phases) and broken down to specific activity points. Individual activities can have numerous items of information added to it, be it a note, an alert, a document or email.


Referrals and Allocation

Support facilitators can manage their case load and pass cases to their line supervisor, or refer on those cases. Cases can be accepted, rejected and reallocated.

email alerts.png

Notifications and Alerts

Alerts can be set when case milestones are reached or past due, when activities are done and statuses changed.

case template_no circle_v2.png

Case Templates

Enable an administrator to specify phases and activities, status and alert types and conditions.

Notes and Role Based Security_no circle.

Notes and Role Based Security

Allow the storage and linkage of all interactions and communications with clients and other service organisations. Notes can include file attachments also. The Notes Sensitivity function allows the Note creator to assign roles to users and restrict who sees what, particularly useful for sensitive documents.

Reporting and Data Access_no circle.png

Reporting And Data Mining

various data retrieval options support ad-hoc reporting and data exchange:

  • Search screens comfortably manage standard and custom fields (dynamic data)

  • The data mining module mines, groups, aggregates and surmises information for the user

  • An integrated reporting engine enables custom reports base on any available criteria, for upload and circulation to other users, printing, exporting in different formats and emailing

  • A public web based API enables integration with other products and services


Custom Fields

Enables a user to create any number of custom sections and fields without any custom software development. Sections and fields can be of any type (i.e. date, time, currency, drop downs), and it permits changed work flows, data fields, pre-populated data fields and data sets.

How to Manage Clients and Cases

The following video provides a quick walk-through of the module showing Client information, Client Notes, Action Plans, Financial Expenditure and Case Management integration.



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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