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Introducing ChilliDB's Powerful New Dashboard

We're excited to announce the launch of ChilliDB's powerful new dashboard, meticulously designed to streamline your data management and save you invaluable time.

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Experience Seamless Data Management Like Never Before

Discover a fresh, modern interface that places all your critical data right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to tedious navigation and embrace swift, data-driven decision-making. Our dashboard's intuitive visualisations and revamped panels are set to revolutionize the way you engage with your data.


User-friendly software with
powerful features.

New Visualisation Options


Unlock the power of data with our new visualisation graphs! From bar charts to column charts, donuts to gauges, and line charts to pie charts, we've got it all. Dive deep into insights with our radar, scatter charts, and intuitive tally displays. These tools not only make data interpretation seamless but also enhance decision-making, foster collaboration, and drive business growth

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Maximise Efficiency 

Every feature is tailored to streamline your workflow: from real-time form submission tracking to a consolidated view of members and event countdowns, donation tracking and more. Dive into enriched client metrics that offer a deeper understanding of your interactions.


The ChilliDB Dashboard isn't just a tool—it's your strategic advantage in making impactful decisions.

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User friendly


With intuitive layouts, pre set visualisations, clear graph design, and responsive load times, users can navigate with ease, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity. Whether you're a seasoned ChilliDB veteran or a newcomer, the dashboard is crafted to cater to all proficiency levels, making data management feel like second nature. Dive in and experience simplicity at its finest.

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Customised Visualisation 

Easily make visualisations that show what's important to you. Use our data mining tools to dig into your data and find the information you care about. Whether you want to see specific trends, track certain numbers, or just get a better look at your data, our platform has you covered. You decide what you want to see, and our tools help you make it happen. Turn your data into clear visuals that help you make smart decisions.. 

Transform Your Data Interaction

With features tailored to provide clarity and ease, the new ChilliDB dashboard is more than just an upgrade; it's a complete transformation in how you view and interact with your data.

Stay Ahead with ChilliDB

Our commitment remains unwavering: to offer tools that make data management and analysis straightforward and effective. With the new ChilliDB Dashboard, we're not just meeting but exceeding that promise.

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$26 / User / Month*
$41 / User / Month*
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Includes an exclusive user license.


Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason)

Suitable for small groups and start ups.  

Offers an exclusive user license.

Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason)

Exclusive features including web controls, Outlook plugin and more

Suitable for all organisations.

Supports more users for less cost.

Includes unlimited members and contacts.

Suitable for Government departments and large enterprises.

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