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ChilliDB Contract Management is taking care of business


The ChilliDB Contract Module will allow contracts to be managed for organisations and their representatives, with workflow ability enabling staff to track the progress of contract deliverables throughout a Contracts’ lifecycle.

The Contract

Contract Management 

The ChilliDB Contract Management will manage all of your contracts, from opportunity stage through until contract execution and delivery. Centrally manage all contracts and activities around the contracting process and then once executed, you can manage all deliverables through to Contract end. Alerts and Notifications will ensure that you never miss a deadline. Management can see at a glance the overall status of all Contracts across the organisation.

Key Features

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Activity Tracking

Capabilities to track the financial position of the Contract and it’s Deliverables.


Deliverable Approval Processes

In-built deliverable approval processes.

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Create A New Contract

Ability to create a new contract using an existing contract as the template (duplicate existing contract).


Custom Fields

Ability to create Custom Fields to allow the user to extend the information stored in the module


High Visability of Contracts

Visibility of Contracts from a high level, through a calendar view, and through Organisations and Contacts records – each allowing you to access the contract for further information.

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Contract Management Life Cycle

Fully manage a Contract in all stages of its’ life cycle; Opportunity, Proposal, Negotiation, Execution, and Completion with comprehensive workflow and alerts.

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Email Reminders and Alert Functionality

Capture key data for each stage of the contract life cycle, and support review and ongoing workflow activities through email reminders and alert functionality.

support funding.png

Funding Arrangements Support

Support for Funding Arrangements including incoming an outgoing contracts - so those you have been awarded and those which you establish with service delivery partners.

Reporting and Data Access_no circle.png

Reporting And Data Mining

Fully integrated with Reporting and Data Mining.



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Single source of truth for any contracting information; contracts, schedule details, scanned copies of executed contracts or variation

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Much better visibility of contract performance management and tracking, actionable reports from the Contract Management module support your decision support in the long term

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Streamline deliverable approval processes by getting rid of paper based approval processes and integrating with the finance approval processes

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Full auditable history for Contracts and Deliverables reducing organisational risk and confusion

Contract Management In Action

Contract Management

This video provides an overview of Contracts, Deliverables, Alerts and Workflow within the Contract Management module.

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