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What is ChilliDB

ChilliDB is a flexible user friendly Client Management System which can be customised to your own individual business model. ChilliDB morphs into your own system, tailored especially for you, by you or with the support from friendly Polymorphic Solutions Staff, making it easily adopted by your staff. 

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What does ChilliDB do?

We tailor to those that need it the most

ChilliDB unites all the functionality that NFP, community and health organisations need. We contain all your contact, event, marketing. cases and more into one user-friendly software. With ChilliDB, you can focus on what's important right now: getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

What does ChilliDB do?

Allow contracts to be managed for organisations and their representatives, with workflow ability enabling staff to track the progress of contract deliverables throughout a Contracts’ lifecycle.

ChilliDB Events are ideal for managing your training, workshops and events.

Case Management Software for Building Stronger Cases. Providing a framework to follow, backed up with  Notifications to ensure that you are always on track of your business.

ChilliDB Membership centralises your membership management, leveraging the whole of ChilliDB to support you in your day to day business.

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What do we do for people?

Our software helps NFP, Community and health organisations create better lives for others.

When you join ChilliDB, you’re not just owning a Client Management software; you’re joining an inclusive community of other oraganisations just like yourself. 

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Want to learn more about ChilliDB?

Contact us

Call us at 1300 65 72 43, email us at or let us call you back.

Free Demonstration

Get an free 30 min one on one demonstration to find out what ChilliDB can do for your business. 

Get started now 

Try ChilliDB free for 30 days - no credit card required, no software to install.

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