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Membership Management


ChilliDB Membership centralises your membership management, leveraging the whole of ChilliDB to support you in your day to day business.

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Membership Management


Our membership module allows you to segment your clients by creating customised membership packages. Maintain these memberships easily and set up custom fields such as payment details and category information. Use advanced search and search to filter through memberships. 


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Reference Data Setup


Use the Reference Data to check for the Membership module. Easily keep track of current members through our automatic membership cancellation. Avoid the need to cancel overdue members manually. In order to take advantage of this feature ensure your membership are tracking renewal dates.


Annual Processing


Create your membership packages for the year ahead through annual processing.

Save time by importing your members (Prospects, Members and Cancelled Members) from one or more existing Membership Packages.


Create A Membership Package


  • Create a membership structure for contact or organisation

  • Automatically generate and maintain distribution lists for electronic communication containing your members and prospects.

  • Track renewal dates

  • Use Member No. Settings can be used to generate member numbers with prefixes, suffixes, or padding.


Manage Membership Packages and Members

  • You can manage your membership packages and your Prospects, Members and Cancelled Members

  • Add contacts to your membership package to create members

  • Manage members and record information about their payments

  • Toggle the Members’ status, or to alter other information about that member’s membership.

  • Expire a member and remove them from a package completely.


Accurate Member Information

Members can register for events and update their details without requiring staff involvement. ChilliDB’s securely stores conversations, documents, emails and more centrally.

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Quick Access to Information

Quickly retrieve details, participation and interaction history for any member to form an accurate view of their level of involvement with you.

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Improve Industry Engagement

Through extensive mail list management tools, online surveys and event management. Store historical data and combine your organisation’s collective knowledge into one database.


Measure the Performance

Measure the Performance of your organisation quickly and unobtrusively, gain a holistic view of your entire organisation’s activities with ChilliDB’s reporting suite. You can monitor activities, collect statistics and see emerging trends as they occur.

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Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!


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