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ChilliDB Outlook Add-In

Keep your communication records up to date. ChilliDB Outlook Add-In allows you to quickly save emails to the ChilliDB database without leaving Outlook.

Save time by taking advantage of ChilliDB’s Outlook Add-In. Quickly save emails and file attachments to your ChilliDB database without leaving Outlook. Emails are saved as notes which are then filed against the matching contacts of the recipient and sender.

ChilliDB Outlook Add-In lets you:

  • Save emails as notes which can be followed up through ChilliDB

  • Save file attachments

  • Create new contacts and organisations efficiently

  • Keep track of communications

  • Match the sender’s and receiver’s names to the data in ChilliDB

  • Set a category and type for the email

Get Started

Select the "Home" menu in Outlook and click on the ChilliDB icon after adding to your toolbar. Then enter in your ChilliDB credentials to store an email.

If you don't have a ChilliDB account click below to get started.

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Store Emails

Save attachment files and images automatically by ticking the "save attachments" check box next to the save button.

Find Organisations and Contacts

Easily find organisations and contacts by searching for them in the Outlook Add-In. Match the sender's name to the organisation or contact in ChilliDB.

Extreme Services_ Screenshot_1043_correc
Extreme Services_ Screenshot_1044.png

Create Contacts and Organisations

If you cannot find the sender's contact in the ChilliDB database, you can quickly create one in the Outlook Add-In.

After creating a contact, if you cannot find the sender's organisation in the ChilliDB database, you can quickly create one in the Outlook Add-In

Select Preferences

Customise settings by selecting the note type, category and sub category in the ChilliDB Outlook Add-In. 

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