Send SMS Messages to your Clients from ChilliDB


What is ChilliDB SMS?


ChilliDB SMS provides Hosted ChilliDB clients with a simple to use and fully integrated SMS solution, allowing ChilliDB clients to send SMS messages to any Contact or Organisation held in ChilliDB.

What can I use ChilliDB SMS for?


  • Send reminders to your participants on Events

  • Send reminders to your board members about board meetings

  • Send alerts and notifications for any Contact or Organisation who has registered for information alerts

Can I try ChilliDB SMS?

Every Hosted ChilliDB client receives 10 FREE SMS messages per month. This allows clients to use ChilliDB SMS for small activities and to trial the service.  There is no cap on this service, so if you want to use more, you can use more – ChilliDB will track and allow you to review and monitor your SMS activities.

Is ChilliDB SMS available to OnSite Clients?


Unfortunately ChilliDB SMS is not available to OnSite ChilliDB clients.  It is only available to Hosted Clients.  If you would like to find out about moving to ChilliDB Hosted, contact

How much does it cost?


You can opt into ChilliDB SMS at any time and enjoy the following benefits:

  • No setup fees

  • No account keeping fees

  • Unlimited SMS messages

  • No minimum use fees


Once you have used your 10 FREE SMS messages each month, you will be charged at $0.20c per subsequent SMS.  You will be invoiced monthly with your ChilliDB licensing.



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