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Outlook Plug- in 

The ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in allows you to take emails you send or receive in your Outlook mailbox, categorise them, and store them into ChilliDB as Notes. 


The Outlook Plug-in will automatically look up the sender and recipients of the email against ChilliDB Contacts and Organisations to create the matches for you. You can also conveniently create new Contacts and Organisations in your ChilliDB while storing the emails and the plug-in will use the information from the email to help pre-populate the Contacts and Organisation details.


The Outlook Plug-in also integrates with the Case Management module to record Case Notes.


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All communications can be stored as ChilliDB Notes


Supports storing batches of emails quickly and efficiently


Supports looking up Contact and Organisation communication details from within Outlook


ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in makes it easy to store all communications in ChilliDB





  • Store emails as ChilliDB Notes

  • Store Appointments as Events

  • Lookup Contacts and Organisations from within Outlook

  • Case Management integration

  • Automatically matches sender and recipients with ChilliDB Contacts and Organisations

  • Allows you to create new Contacts and Organisations from Outlook

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Image by Medienstürmer



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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