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The Rural Primary Health Services (RPHS) program aims to improve access to a range of primary and allied health care services and activities for rural and remote communities. The RPHS program gives community-based primary health care services greater flexibility in the range of services they can offer, including health promotion and preventative health activities.


ChilliDB has a specialised RPHS module which was developed in consultation with our clients. The ChilliDB RPHS module has been trusted by countless organisations to manage and report on the RPHS program.

ChilliDB Helping Deliver the Rural Primary Health Services

The RPHS Module extends ChilliDB by leveraging existing information held within ChilliDB to securely manage and review:


  • Referral to RPHS program services through primary health professionals, family, carers and also self referrals

  • Continuity of care is maintained securely and privately through ChilliDB User Roles allowing you to bring your service providers into ChilliDB to access and maintain RPHS data. You can control the access within ChilliDB that your service providers have been granted allowing them to only access their patients, referrals and session details within the RPHS module, and exclude them from accessing any other ChilliDB details.

  • Recording of Referral and Sessional information for each patient

  • Custom Fields which allows you to tailor the information captured within this program

  • Support for Individual and Group Occasions of Service

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Contract Management - Report.png

Streamline Program Management and Reporting

Capturing your RPHS data within ChilliDB means you can still keep your data in one central and secure location, reduce your training needs, and have confidence that you can easily report this data in a consistent format.


Pre-packaged reports on Referrals, Sessions and the ability for your service providers to generate Tax Invoices assist you to manage the day to day program activities, while extraction reports on Results against the RPHS Program Indicators and Source and Number of Referrals allow you to incorporate this information into your reporting commitments.



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