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About ChilliDB


ChilliDB CRM came about after a client came to Polymorphic Solutions looking for a way to manage their memberships, communication channel, and monitoring systems, all in one single, easy to use system. 


Polymorphic Solutions was happy to oblige, and the two worked closely together to formulate a database system that would fit exactly what this organisation needed to really make their jobs easier, and to ensure their members are more up-to-date, informed, and on track with their responsibilities. ChilliDB was born!


From its launch, the CRM was one hot topic, rapidly expanding amongst the industry sector, proving that this was not just any ordinary database, this was a critical business management tool.


The ChilliDB team continue to work with this client to make their system the best it can possibly be as their work processes evolve.


And now that it has been tested, proven, and perfected it is ready for any type of business or organisation who is looking to make the most out of their relationships, improve productivity, and save time and money. ChilliDB is customisable, and accessible online anywhere and anytime.

Watch our video to learn more about what ChilliDB can do for you!



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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