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A Membership Database that Helps Deliver Better Programs and Services.

ChilliDB is an Australian membership database system designed for and used by Not for Profits, Primary Health, Community Service and Government organisations.


Work Desk


A user friendly platform for managing contacts, events, interaction history such as notes, case and stakeholder management and surveys. We have developed a custom set of reporting modules that are unique in the market that makes it stand above any other CRM in this sector.

With instant access to ChilliDB’s centralised database, your staff can access, analyse, retain and report on the data at hand, providing improved efficiency and productivity across your organisation. ChilliDB strikes the right balance between value for money, security and accessibility.


Web Controls

Web Controls - Subscription

Find out how your clients can create notes in ChilliDB using the forms web control.

Web Controls - Events


This video shows how your clients can search for events using a web control.

Web Controls - Listings


This video shows you how to build a listing web control which allows your clients to search for the details of organisations.

Web Controls - Organisations


This video shows how you can list a collection or Organisations on your website, choosing what information is shown, what information is searchable and how to filter the organisations which can appear on your website.

Web Controls - Membership


This video shows you how to build a membership web control form which allows your clients to sign up for a membership.

Web Controls - Subscription


This video shows you how to build a subscription web control form which allows your clients to sign up to distribution lists.


Geocode Address

Show how Geocode data in your Clients addresses can be easily exported and mapped.

Staff Timesheet Module

The video introduces the staff timesheet module and covers logging time, leave requests and the approval process.

Colour Flags


Find out how easy it is to use colour flags to find and highlight clients.

Adding and Managing Notes


See how easily you can add and manage Notes.

Adding and Managing Contacts

The video introduces the Contacts and how to add and manage them.

Adding and Managing Organisations


Find out how easy it is to add and manage Organisations



This short video introduces the visualisation module and shows creating how to view your events by type in a graph on your desktop.

Custom Fields


This short video introduces the custom fields and shows how to create and edit them. ChilliDB's best feature, allows you to build your own forms and capture information specific to your Organisation needs.

Roles and Users


This short video introduces Roles and Users and shows how to create them.



This short video introduces Categories and Sub Categories and shows how to create them. Categorisation is the most important step to get right. It will define how you work and how information will be reported.

Creating Organisations


This video shows you how to easily create Organisations.



This video shows you how to use ChilliDB messaging to communicate, with all communications recorded for you.  Use Merge Tokens to personalise messages, Alerts to implement workflow, and Templates to style your messages.

Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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