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Better communicate with members and clients using our leading membership database.

Run events and training and conduct surveys to improve your services.


A Client Management Platform For Nonprofits

ChilliDB is an Australian, tailor-made CRM software specialising in the areas of: Not-For-Profits (NFPs), Healthcare, and Community Services. ChilliDB is built from scratch, with personalised features to suit your specific business requirements.

Scalable and Flexible:

Solutions for any sized company 

A User Friendly Client Management System

By easily allowing you to add and remove additional data capture fields to the system, you can be sure that no matter what, ChilliDB can accommodate all your information capture needs. 

Customised To Your Own Individual Business Model 

ChilliDB morphs into your own system, tailored especially for you, by you or with the support from friendly Polymorphic Solutions Staff, making it easily adopted by your staff.

Excel Spreadsheet Integration

Looking for a program that can import all your spreadsheet information? ChilliDB can do that also, making it easy to get organised quickly! 

ChilliDB for Nonprofits is Tailored to Your Needs

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Client Administration 

Membership Management


Case Management allows you to assess, plan and monitor the delivery of support to the client, and adhere to milestones.


The ChilliDB Client Administration module supports any Coordinated Care program.


Segment your clients by creating customised membership packages. Maintain these memberships easily and set up custom fields.

Nonprofit Start Up Pack is the Foundation of ChilliDB Nonprofit

ChilliDB customers often start their ChilliDB journey with the nonprofit start up pack.
We take our Australia's leading client management software and reimagine it to meet
the specific needs of your nonprofit organisation

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Contacts, Clients and Stakeholders

ChilliDB captures and manages any information you may wish to store on stakeholders, clients, and members through Organisations and Contacts. You can track their relationships and report on all activities performed with and on behalf of those stakeholders, clients, and members across the entire product.

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Notes, Activity Tracking, Service Delivery, Workflow

ChilliDB Notes is where you record all communications and interactions that you have your Contacts, Clients and Organisations.


Member Survey, Data Collection, Data Cleansing

The ChilliDB Survey module provides a powerful built in Survey tool to streamline your data collection and maintenance and inform your business activities. 

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Searching, Reporting, Data Mining, Visualisations

ChilliDB includes a number of options to view and find information to meet any users needs, including: Search Screens, Data Mining Module, Visualisations,and Reporting. 

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Messaging and Communications

ChilliDB Messaging allows professional personalised communications can be sent through ChilliDB. Messages can be sent as Emails, SMS and Faxes and you can create Distribution Lists for managing your regular communications. ChilliDB allows you to create rich HTML emails for your messages. 


Events, Training, Continuing Professional Development

ChilliDB Events are ideal for managing your training, workshops and events, and ChilliDB will facilitate your event registration, planning and delivery processes by managing event preparation, venue information and scheduling, logistics, speakers and program content preparation and keep on top of event day activities with custom name tags, sign in sheets and certificates. 


Custom Fields, Form Building

A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development.

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