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Client Administration 

The ChilliDB Client Administration module allows you to isolate clients that are provided services into individual programs, implement security around who can work with those clients in each of those programs, and then build all of the forms that you need to support that program using a collection of features to fast track your setup.


Clients can be linked back to Contacts and Organisations which is where you would see your Providers and any other general Contacts and Organisations that you do business with outside your program delivery.

ChilliDB Client Administration supports any Coordinated Care program


This module enables a user to define any number of types of Clients (such as a Patient or Participant on a Coordinated Trial), and build data capture forms quickly with pre-built features commonly used in care coordination programs. Forms can then be easily customised to meet specific program needs. Once a client is defined and forms are built, the user can then control the security access.


Client Administration includes a number of pre-defined features out of the box including support for:

  • Carer Details

  • Case Notes

  • Clinical Information

  • Consent Details

  • Counselling Services

  • Exit Information Details

  • Health Assessment and Care Plan Details

  • Interpreters Details

  • Next Of Kin Details

  • Action Plans

  • Financial Expenditure

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Client Administration In Action

The following video provides a quick walk-through of the module showing Client information, Client Notes, Action Plans, Financial Expenditure. It also shows how you can utilise the Case Management module to introduce Case Management into your client program management.

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