Custom Fields/ Form Building

A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development.


Reporting allows for parameterised and professional reports to be created and then uploaded into ChilliDB for other ChilliDB users to view.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and Notifications can be set to add reminders and drive workflow activities, ensuring an activity can be followed up at a later date.

Membership Management

Simplify your membership management with support for unlimited members, paid and non-paid membership and renewal tracking.


Visualisations allows you to visualise your data using charts and graphs.

Event Management

ChilliDB Events are ideal for managing your training, workshops and events. 

Distribution Lists

Use the distribution stats page to show your lists performance and sources of your subscription and un-subscriptions. Automate who should be added and removed from your lists based upon your criteria by using the subscription rules feature.


Use notes to record all communications and interactions that you have with your Contacts, Clients and Organisations. Notes can include file attachments also.

Maintain Users & Roles

Assign roles to users and restrict who sees what, for sensitive documents using the Notes Sensitivity function.


Search and create appointments for your staff. Set up alerts to remind them.

Reference Data (Categorisation)

Set categories for contact, organisations and more to keep your data organised.

Contact & Organisation Management

Capture and manage any information you may wish to store on stakeholders, clients, and their staff through Organisations and Contacts.

Surveys & Feedback

Use surveys to capture anything from assessments and evaluations to information updates. Provide online pre-populated forms to your clients and have their responses automatically merged back into ChilliDB

Data Mining

Mine, group, aggregate and summarize information within ChilliDB using Data Mining module.


Add news items to your home page to ensure staff see any important notifications.

Optional Modules

Asset Register

Our Asset Register module lets you track your assets and calculate their depreciation using either the prime cost or diminishing value method. It also allows you to extend the information gathered to include your staff and clients.



ChilliDB provides full Case Management integration, which allows Case Workers and Case Managers to assess, plan and monitor the delivery of support to the client, and adhere to milestones.

Module Builder

The Module Builder lets you easily create new modules that are fully integrated into ChilliDB. The modules can be used to store your required information by adding custom fields and offers built in search and control over access. Modules created by the module builder can run independently on other ChilliDB modules or the information can be linked as required.

Staff Timesheets

The Staff Timesheet module offers tracking of Staff time and leave requests including support for RDO/TOIL time if needed. Approval process with email notification workflow is also provided. All licensed users are supported.

Client Administration

Our Client Administration module allows you to isolate clients that are provided services into individual programs, implement security around who can work with those clients in each of those programs, and then build all of the forms that you need to support that program using a collection of features to fast track your setup.

Document Register

Store your internal documents, procedures and policies using Document Register. Review dates and the lead staff member which can also be defined for each policy.

Outlook Enterprise Edition

Enabling this feature will extend the ChilliDB Outlook plugin to include additional features such as creating Contact/Organisation and storing Outlook events as events in ChilliDB.

Contract Management

Our Contract Management module will manage all of your contracts, from opportunity  through to contract execution and delivery. Centrally manage all contracts and activities around the contracting process and once executed, you can manage all deliverables through to the contract end.  

Donor Tracking

This module enables tracking of donations against both contacts and organisations. Once enabled, a tab will appear on the organisation and contact pages, allowing donations to be recorded.


This module enables the management of Programs/Projects and associated PDSAs to support Improvement Plans.