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Tailored to Domestic violence  organisations


A Client management system designed for those handling sensitive information

Domestic Violence 

ChilliDB understands Domestic Violence organisations face challenges delivering services with both ensuring their senestive information is secure, and being in a position to efficiently record and report of all of the activities undertaken to the many separate and different reporting bodies.

ChilliDB sensitive cases module supports case workers in gathering sensitive information, and ensures all ChilliDB data is secure and encypted. Regardless of who you are or how you operate the program, ChilliDB allows you the flexibility to manage this program. 


Secure encypted data.

All data is encrypted and only staff provided with specific access can see the information that you want to share.

Tracking data changes

Ability to log who created/changed the data

A User Friendly Client Management System

By easily allowing you to add and remove additional data capture fields to the system, you can be sure that no matter what, ChilliDB can accommodate all your information capture needs. 

Customised To Your Own Individual Business Model 

ChilliDB morphs into your own system, tailored especially for you, by you or with the support from friendly Polymorphic Solutions Staff, making it easily adopted by your staff.

Excel Spreadsheet Integration

Looking for a program that can import all your spreadsheet information? ChilliDB can do that also, making it easy to get organised quickly! 


circle_Client Management and Communicati

Maximise Donor Engagement

Through ChilliDB’s extensive mail list management tools, online surveys and event management. Store historical data and combine your organisation’s collective knowledge into one database. Manage relationships more effectively and enrich your client’s experience.

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Increase Responsiveness

By retrieving an individual’s data instantly. View client details, case notes, and a complete history on any client or organisation.

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Customisable Fields

A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development. Find out how this module could work for your organisation

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Build Donor Understanding

From the data your organisation collects. Retrieve information on your organisations programs, view details on who receives help and when. Gain an insight into the difference your organisation is making by viewing the activities of your whole organisation.


Collect Client Information

With ChilliDB’s intuitive note collection interface. Store conversations, documents, emails and more into the secure ChilliDB Database.

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Easier Reporting and data mining

ChilliDB includes a number of options to view and find information to meet any users needs, including: Search Screens Data Mining module, and specialised Reporting tools to make your reporting easier for you.

Client and Stakeholder Management
Remove duplications by centrally managing information about your clients and stakeholders.

Membership Management
Easily create and manage members within your membership packages. Track renewal dates and communicate with members that have membership due and overdue. Record all membership fees.

Powerful and Comprehensive Reporting
Use existing reports or develop your own using the award winning Crystal Reports product. Full reporting capability, data queries and comprehensive search facilities. Never miss out on receiving funding from the government again with OASIS reports integrated into ChilliDB.

Dynamic Data
Quickly add your own additional fields and make them immediately available for reporting and querying. ChilliDB can accommodate all your information needs.


Communication Distribution Lists and Groups
Reach your clients easily using groups and distribution lists. Built in fax and SMS methods in addition to powerful email options.

Events Management
Organise small to large-scale events. Manage sponsors, attendees, dietary requirements, billing and facilities. Session control and event registration. Run attendance lists, name tags and certificates.

Donor Management

Receive and track donations and add custom fields to manage data. Analyse donor data and gain insights with tailored reporting. Use notes and messaging to track and automate communication with donors and clients.

Information Security
Assign each user to a specific role and restrict access to only the information you want them to see. Manage sensitivity to ensure private and confidential information remains secure.

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Chillidb - background (Facebook Post).png
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Events Create.png
Membership Management_Communities.png

Key Features

Start Up Pack for sensitive information organisations 

ChilliDB customers dealing with sensitive information within the domestic violence
sector often start their ChilliDB journey with this start up pack.
We take our Australia's leading client management software and reimagine it to meet
the specific needs of your domestic violence organisation
Financial Report


Choose from a variety of pricing options that best suit your company and your needs

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