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Tailored to Football community programs

Used by Brisbane Broncos to create two modules. One for holding student attendance details and the other for their academic records. 


Community programs

ChilliDB for Community Services drives better service delivery.

ChilliDB understands Community Service organisations face challenges delivering services effectively with few resources to many clients with little time, and being in a position to efficiently record and report of all of the activities undertaken to the many separate and different reporting bodies.


ChilliDB for Community Services comes bundled with features which will allow you to better engage your stakeholders and clients, achieve greater outcomes for your clients and simplify reporting with support for data extraction to many reporting systems available.

“I was impressed by their continuous support post live and I would highly recommend them for organisations delivering government-supported programs. ChilliDB helped our team have greater visibility across our operations, provided greater security in our data collection and management; and helped our reporting in making informed decisions quicker.”

Thelma Dzwowa- Community & Government Programs Operations manager, Brisbane Broncos Community

Football community programs includes a number of pre-defined features out of the box including support for:

  • Case Management 

  • Student attendance details 

  • Academic records 

  • Notifications and Alerts

  • Reporting And Data Mining

  • Notes and Role Based Security

  • Financial Expenditure

  • Case Template

Tailored to Football community programs

At ChilliDB we have tailored our system specifically for football community programs

The Broncos use the generic Module Builder to create two modules. One for holding student attendance details and the other for their academic records. They have staff assigned to one or more schools to collect this data and enter it into the modules using a bulk form so many entries can be made at one time.

To provide this solution we added bulk entry functions to the module builder and created some management reports
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Chillidb - background (Facebook Post).png
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Custom Fields, Form Building

A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development. Find out how this module could work for your organisation.

Survey, Data Collection and Cleansing, Needs Assessments

The ChilliDB Survey module provides a powerful built in Survey tool to streamline your data collection and maintenance and inform your business activities. Read more about our Surveys module here.

Define any number of types of Clients 

This module enables a user to define any number of types of Clients (such as a Patient or Participant on a Coordinated Trial), and build data capture forms quickly with pre-built features commonly used in care coordination programs. Forms can then be easily customised to meet specific program needs. Once a client is defined and forms are built, the user can then control the security access.

Searching, Reporting, Data Mining, Visualisations

ChilliDB includes a number of options to view and find information to meet any users needs, including: Search Screens Data Mining module, and specialised Reporting tools.

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