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A Single Platform for Donation

ChilliDB fundraising and donation module allow you to track your donors from one system.


Features & Benefits

Better analyse and understand your Data

ChilliDB can generate reports and easy to read dashboards to give you the ability to better analyse and understand your data. With the ChilliDB donation module you can see a variety of graphs with the information that matters most to you on display at all times. 

Maximize Contributions and Save Staff Time

Often a client’s first exposure to an organisation will be its website. By having a donation module available on your website makes it more accessible for those to donate. By using ChilliDB donation module it saves your staff time as all information is put back into the ChilliDB system. 

0 Commission taken

At ChilliDB we believe organisations deserve to support their causes as much as possible. Therefore we take 0% commission of any sale through ChilliDB donation module.

Donation and Income Management

With Donation webcontrols,  any paid and pledged donations from your webpage is tracked and recorded within ChilliDB. This allows for your staff to have more time to focus on marketing and sales efforts to achieve more donations.

End-of-Year Fundraising with Digital Strategies


In a digital driven world, fundraisers must become more adaptable. A digital web-control allows you to interact with your people wherever they are, allowing you to collect more money in less time and at a lower cost. Donation web-control or is a fundraising platform that enables organisations to digitally collect fundarising as well as to collect that data all from one place.

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Donation Module in Action

Outdoors Meeting



Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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