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Support Hours


Used our start-up package and need additional hours to get you set up? 

Informational Interview


$193 per hour
Buy in a bundle of 10

To save 15%

That's saving you $289.5 for every 10 hours bundled 

Support Hours


  • Additional support services that are not covered under standard product support can be obtained by purchasing support hours at $193 per hour (excl GST).

  • Support hours can be used for a number of services including report writing, data migration and cleansing, product customisation and software upgrades.

  • Support Hours will be billed based on the hours consumed and can be purchased in advanced in blocks of 10 hours with a 15% discount to the standard hourly rate.

  • Pre-purchased support hours last for 12 months, and the balance can be viewed via the Help Desk.

Managing Support Hours Through Help Desk


​The ChilliDB Help Desk allows you to manage your Support Hours with the ability to view your balance of hours, view your usage, and purchase additional hours. To do this, start by logging into the ChilliDB HelpDesk and select 'Support Hours' from the menu.

Young Volunteers


Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you!

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