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ChilliDB understands the important work suicide prevention services do to create awareness and provide support to those struggling. ChilliDB helps you provide advice, assist with suicide prevention and support after suicide, build suicide awareness and organise fundraising.


Contract Management

Apply for government grants and track your financial position of the contract using ChilliDB's Contract Management module. ChilliDB also gives you the capabilities to track your deliverables with its own in-built deliverable approval processes. Capture key data for each stage of the contract life cycle, and support review and ongoing workflow activities through email reminders and alert functionality.

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Reporting allows for parameterised and professional reports to be created and then uploaded into ChilliDB for other ChilliDB users to view.  Easily create reports on funding to share with donors and stakeholders. Visualise your data using charts and graphs.

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Client Management

Build relationships and effectively communicate with donors, communities, practitioners, ambassadors and academia. ChilliDB can help you keep data organised as well as contact details up to date. Create work flows and assign staff and volunteers to different tasks. Set up alerts to keep track. 


Event Management

Event Management can help you organise fundraising, meetings, workshops and support groups. Create registration forms and track payments, attendances and cancellations. ChilliDB can manage your event preparation, venue information and scheduling, logistics, speakers and program content preparation. Keep on top of event day activities with custom name tags, sign in sheets and certificates.