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Assigning the process definition

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

To give a case a set of activities, you must assign a process definition to it. 1. As a Case Worker, to assign a process definition click on the edit icon from the Case Display screen. Then click the find button next to the process definition field

2. The Find Process Definition screen will pop up and allows you to:

  • View the full Description of the process definition by clicking on '(more)' under the Description column heading.

  • Preview the process definition.

  • Delete the process definition by clicking on the red X.

  • Select the process definition. In this instance, we will select the Process Name “Hire a New Staff Member”.

3. Click on Save. 4. You will now see a breakdown of the case progress from the Case Progress Summary tab. The case also now has a Completion Date and a Next Activity date and activity.

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