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Contacts and Organisations User Guide

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This post will provide a basic guide to creating and viewing contacts and organisations. Since creating and viewing contacts and organisations is a similar process, both will be covered here.

ChilliDB stores names, addresses, and other contact information against two elements. The first element is known in the system as an "Organisation". An organisation is usually a company or group which a user does business with. The user's own company will usually be inserted as an organisation whentheir system is setup.

Each organisation can have people related to it. These people are known as "Contacts". Each contact must be linked with at least one organisation, and they can have their own individual address, phone, email and other data attached to them.

Creating a Contact/Organisation

Underneath the Contact or Organisation main menu item (drop-down menu), there is a 'Create' button. Clicking on this reveals a form which allows users to create a new contact/organisation. Contacts need to be associated with an organisation, so it is important to create some organisations first. Click the 'Save' button located at the bottom of the screen to save the organisation.

Viewing a Contact/Organisation

Upon creating a contact/organisation, users are taken to the Contacts/Organisations Details page. This can also be accessed via the Search function, or in the 'Last Accessed' tab down the right-hand side of the screen if users have visited that contact or organisation's details page recently.

Each details page contains a number of tabs that display information associated with that record. For example, the Contacts tab displays the contacts for that organisation, and the Notes tab displays the notes created against that organisation.

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