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Creating News for Your Organisation's ChilliDB Home Page

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

ChilliDB users who are in an administrative position, as well as any user who has the required permissions, are able to create news items to display on their organisation’s ChilliDB home page. The following steps explain how to create/publish and edit news items in your ChilliDB.

First, navigate to the Utilities menu item and click on ‘News’ - ‘Create’.

This displays a blank News form that users can fill with the details pertaining to the news event they wish to create. They can choose when the News will launch (immediately or at a set time in the future) and also set an expiry date and time. Additionally, if creating multiple news items, the order each item is displayed can be set on this screen. When all the necessary information has been added, click ‘Save’.

Note: Users also have the option to limit which roles in their organisation see the News item that they post. To limit visibility to certain roles, deselect ‘Visible For: All Roles’ underneath the Details box, and then select which roles in your organisation you would like the News item to be visible for.

Once the newly created News item has been saved, users can view any items they have created by navigating to Utilities - News - Maintain.

The next screen displays the News items created in the organisation’s ChilliDB system to date. If some items are limited to certain roles, those items will only be visible to the users in those roles. If a user wishes to edit a news item, they click on the item title (in blue). This takes them to the ‘Create’ page of the respective news item, and they are able to change any of the details as required.

After a News item has been created and saved, it will become visible on your organisation’s home page at the date and time you entered in the ‘Launch’ field on the ‘Create’ page.

If News items are not being displayed on your home page, check the launch time allocated to that particular item. Also check that you have permissions to view the item if it is something you didn’t create yourself. If you are unable to view the News section itself on the home page, it may be that you need to personalise the screen layout to ensure this information is visible. To do this, go to your user profile icon (in the top right-hand corner) and click on Preferences - Manage Screen Layout. This displays the screen below, where you can check to see if ‘News’ is in the hidden panels. If it is, click and drag it from the ‘Hidden Panels’ column across to the ‘Visible Panels’ section and position it where you would like it to be displayed on the home screen.

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