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How to Email Event Certificates

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

To make it easier to send event certificates to each attendee, we have added an ‘Email Certificates’ option to the actions menu of all events. This runs the certificate attendance report for each attendee and converts it to a pdf which gets attached to their email.

When the ‘Email Certificates’ link is clicked you are able to specify which contacts should receive a certificate by selecting the required session and if required the status of the attendee. All attendees meeting this criteria will be emailed their personalised certificate. The ‘store email as note for each attendee’ option enables a copy of the email to be also stored as a note for each contact.

When continue is clicked you will be taken to a ‘refine recipients’ popup where you can check the recipients are correct. Click the send button on the bottom right to confirm and send the certificates.

A system email template and certificate format is used which can be customised if required. The capture below shows and example of the email content and certificate.


Both the message template used by the email and the certificate report can be changed in the Event Configuration page. The link to this page is found under the event menu.

Any existing message template can be used and the tokens available for mail merging are as follows:

Customised Event Certificate RDL reports must have already been uploaded into ChilliDB as an integrated report for Event Registration so they appear in the ‘Event Certificate Report’ list.

It is highly recommended that you save the current system Event Certificate report and customize that report rather than starting from a blank report. The report must contain a parameter called ‘Registration_ID’, which will be supplied the attendee registration ID (Event Registration ID) when called.

RDL files are created using Microsoft Report Builder which is a free download from Microsoft’s website, or Microsoft Visual Studio. If you would like us to make the report for you, lodge a helpdesk request and we will do so using support hours.

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