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2024 Australian Not for Profit Grants


Securing funding is a pivotal aspect for many organisations, especially those in the not-for-profit.  2024 heralds a landscape replete with grant opportunities. Navigating these opportunities necessitates a thorough understanding of the available grants, their application processes, and effective management strategies. ChilliDB emerges as a crucial tool in this journey, offering robust CRM solutions to streamline grant management. In this guide, we'll walk you through some noteworthy grants of 2024, share resources to keep you updated and offer tips to enhance your grant application process.

Key Grants for 2024:

The year 2024 offers a diverse array of grants for Australian not-for-profits, each characterised by distinct goals, requirements, and deadlines. Some notable opportunities include:

Generalised Grants

  • Community Grants Program by Yarra Ranges Council: Supporting local community groups and creatives, with a deadline in mid-2023 for 2024 projects.

  • Various Grants from Volunteering Australia: Offering five different grants tailored to various organisational needs and objectives.

  • National Justice Reinvestment Program: An open, non-competitive funding opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led justice reinvestment initiatives. Open until Tuesday, 10 September.

  • Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program: Eligible organisations can apply for funding for projects that promote appreciation and understanding of Australia’s wartime heritage. Open until Tuesday, 6 February.

Community Services

Each of these grants demands a detailed application, adherence to specific guidelines, and rigorous reporting post-award, which can be challenging for many organisations.

Resources for Staying Updated

  1. Regularly check this site for the latest grant listings. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for timely updates.

  2. Community Grants Hub: Another excellent resource that offers a variety of grants, especially for community-based projects.

  3. Philanthropy Australia: For those looking beyond government grants, this platform connects philanthropic organizations with projects in need.

Streamlining Grant Management: Tips

  • Stay Ahead of Deadlines: Utilise ChilliDBs calendar system to track application and reporting deadlines.

  • Understand Grant Requirements: Comprehending each grant's unique requirements is crucial for a successful application.

  • Maintain Accurate Records: Keep detailed records of expenditures and project progress for reporting purposes.

ChilliDB: Your Partner in Grant Management

ChilliDB, as a CRM solution, plays an integral role in managing these complex processes. Here's how it can assist:

  • Centralised Information: Store all grant-related data, from application details to reporting deadlines, in one accessible location.

  • Streamlined Reporting: Generate and manage detailed reports easily, aligning with grantors' requirements.

  • Excel Spreadsheet Integration: Looking for a program that can import all your spreadsheet information? ChilliDB can do that also, making it easy to get organised quickly! 

  • Custom Fields, Form Building: A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development.

More Information on ChilliDB for Not for Profits:A CRM for Australian Not for Profits (


The year 2024 offers exciting grant opportunities for Australian not-for-profits. By leveraging the capabilities of ChilliDB, organisations can navigate the grant application process more efficiently, stay on top of reporting obligations, and ultimately, focus more on their core mission


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