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Celebrating a New Chapter: Paving the Way to Our Future as ChilliDB

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

It's a momentous occasion for our community! With excitement, we announce the start of our transition of business names to "ChilliDB". Gone will be the days of confusion between ChilliDB and its formal name, Polymorphic Solutions. And guess what? Our emails will soon be updated to the much shorter "@chillidb." It's not just easier to type, but also less of a mouthful to say.

Rooted in Purpose

Originating from the heart of Australia, ChilliDB has consistently been more than just software. At our core, we are driven by the mission to empower sectors that genuinely make a difference. We stand as a trusted ally for Not-for-Profit, Community, and Health organisations. Our software helps NFP, Community, and Health organisations create better lives for others. This commitment is the essence of our existence and the promise we uphold every day.

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

For those who might not know our backstory, ChilliDB was born out of a genuine need. Founded in 1996 under the company Polymorphic Solutions, our journey began when a client approached us with a unique requirement. They needed a system to manage memberships, communication channels, and educational services - all unified into one easy-to-use platform. We rose to the challenge, and thus, ChilliDB was born!

From its inception, ChilliDB rapidly expanded across various industry sectors, tailoring specifically to those in the NFP, community, health and association sectors. It wasn't just another database; it was a critical business management tool tailored to fit the unique needs of businesses with bigger purposes. Today, ChilliDB is customisable, accessible online anytime, anywhere, and continues to evolve to serve you better.

A Celebration of Impact

As ChilliDB, we celebrate the profound impact and transformative stories stemming from the organisations we serve. Tailored specifically for industries with such big missions, we are intertwined in a narrative of positive change, where technology becomes a catalyst for community betterment.

Proudly Australian, Serving a Greater Purpose

While our roots are deeply Australian based, our vision encompasses a broader purpose, serving organisations in Australia and New Zealand. What sets us apart is our Australian team. Every member of our staff is based in Australia, ensuring that when you reach out for support, you're connecting with someone located here, not overseas. Furthermore, our data centres are located right here in Australia, ensuring the utmost security and reliability for our clients.

In Conclusion

Embracing our identity as ChilliDB is a reaffirmation of our commitment to the communities we serve. As we mark this significant milestone, our heartfelt gratitude extends to our community, partners, and every organisation dedicated to making a difference. Here's to a future brimming with purpose, impact, and collective success!

For those keen on delving deeper into our journey visit

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