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Creating a user and allocating users to roles

Creating A User

The next step after allocating tickets to users: is to create some Users. Any staff using ChilliDB in their roles will require a user account be created for them. To create a user, first the staff member must be listed as a contact in ChilliDB. If they are not entered under a category in your organisation's ChilliDB Contacts, you will have to create a contact for them first and then return to creating a user when done. To begin creating a new user, navigate to the System menu item and then click on 'Users' - 'Maintain Users'.

Towards the top right of the maintain users page, you can click create to add a new user. To successfully create a new user, you must do the following:

  • Allocate them a username

  • Allocate a password (an option is provided to choose to force the new user to change their password at first log-in)

  • Find the contact you want to allocate to the user profile. Once you click 'Find', you can search for the contact you are looking for from your available Contacts.

  • Select the Role that will be attached to this user (from the roles available in your system - if the role is not available, you will have to create it before performing this step)

  • Choose the default layout - how the user's details will appear

  • Choose whether or not the user appears in staff tracking; and

  • Enable/disable two-factor authentication

When you have specified all of the information required for your new user, click the 'Save' button. You should then see the new user appear in the User List on the 'Maintain Users' page. Here, you are able to search for a user by username, contact, organisation or role. To edit a user, you can simply click on their username in this list. You can also assign more permissions to their role from this screen by clicking on their role in the 'Role' column.

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