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Exciting Enhancements Ahead in ChilliDB!

Hey there! We've been hard at work, and we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek into the fantastic updates coming your way. At ChilliDB, we're always striving to make our product better. For any enhancement requests you may have you can submit at ChilliDB Helpdesk and we work off that to better you.

Core Benefits:

  • 📧 Enhanced Email Personalisation: With the new Contact and Organization Identifiers, your emails will resonate more with recipients.

  • 📅 Streamlined Calendar Management: A secondary filtering option ensures you find what you need faster in modules with calendars.

  • 💽Greater Control Over Data: The "Roles which can Delete" permission for Grid sections ensures data integrity by allowing only specific roles to delete.

Custom Fields:

  • 📅Simplified Scheduling: The 'All Day' checkbox ensures you can mark full-day events effortlessly in the Calendar view.

  • 📊 Tailored Data Grouping: With the 'Group ID By Live Data Field' dropdown, organize your data in a way that makes sense for your operations.

  • 🧮Accurate Calculations: Enhanced formula fields mean more precise results for your data computations.

  • 📊 Flexible Data Entry: Expand the multiline text box for a clearer view when creating and editing records, and enjoy intuitive options like the radio button for yes/no fields.

Client Administration & Case Management:

  • 💼 Efficient Invoicing: The new 'Invoice' feature streamlines your billing process.

  • 🔄Unified Activity Management: Update the status of all case management activities in one go, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Module Builder:

  • 📅Customized Calendar Views: Choose the first day of the week that aligns with your work culture, ensuring a seamless scheduling experience.


  • 📋 Informed Decision Making: New visualizations provide insights into contact trends, helping you strategize effectively.

  • 📈 Flexible Visualization Management: Decide which visualizations stay active and which expire, ensuring only relevant data is displayed.

  • 🔒Secure Data Visualization: With the 'Visualisation_Expire' ticket, maintain the integrity of your visual data by managing who can expire or reactivate visualizations.

Distribution List:

  • ⚠️ Stay Informed: With the new notification rule option, ensure you never miss important updates from your Distribution List.

Data Mining:

  • 📋 Effortless Data Retrieval: The 'Within Range' operator lets you fetch data based on specific time frames like financial or calendar years, making reports and analysis more relevant.

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