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How to display a Web Control on your website

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

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This article will explain how to display a web control on your website whether you are hosting your own website or if it's hosted by a service such as Wix.

Displaying a Web Control on a Self-Hosted Website

At the bottom of each web control configuration screen, there is a 'Code to be inserted into Website' section.

the HTML code can be pasted into a page on your site which will create a responsive iframe containing the web control. Alternatively you can follow the instructions located in the Developers Guide

Displaying a Web Control on a site hosted by Wix

Choose the page you would like to edit, then from the left side click the '+' Icon, more, then 'HTML iframe'. This will create an iframe object that can be dragged around which will display your web control content once configured.

You can paste in either the HTML code, or the direct url in the HTML iframe, just make sure the iframe is configured to use the option you want.

Displaying a Web Control on a site hosted by Wordpress

Wordpress by default limits embedded access to only a few external web sites such as YouTube for security reasons. You would need to subscribe to one of their business plan and use one of the Plugins to add iFrames to avoid the security restrictions.

If you need support using one of the plugins it is recommended that you contact the plugin vendor.

Alternatively the ChilliDB Web Control direct link can be added as a hyperlink and the web control will be viewed in its own page.

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