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Creating Annual Membership Packages

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Each year users should create their new membership packages for the year ahead. When doing so it is possible to import members (prospects, members, and even cancelled members if necessary) from one or more existing membership packages to save time. They will initially import as prospects, and users would then proceed to contact these prospects and carry out the necessary business steps to convert them to members for the following year.

1. Once the membership package for the new year has been created, users can click on the 'Import Members' link on the Member Details page begin the process of importing members from one or more of the previous years’ membership packages. Members can only be imported as prospect members.

2. Select the membership package from which to import members from the 'From Package' drop down list.

3. Check the Include “Cancelled” Members checkbox to import cancelled members from the selected package.

4. Click the Import button to complete the process.

5. All selected contacts will be shown as Prospects on the Membership Details display screen

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