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Setting Default Values for Your Fields

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

To speed up the process of entering data, default values can be set for the Contacts, Organisations and Case Management modules. The defaults available in each module are as follows:

Contacts & Organisations: default type (categorisation); address; email; and phone.

Case Management: recent case timeframe and case note type.

These defaults can be set as either a user defaults, system defaults, or both. User defaults take priority over system defaults.

User Defaults

User defaults are changed from the user preferences screen. This is accessed by clicking the User Profile on the top right-hand side of the screen, then clicking Preferences - Maintain User Preferences. Here users can set up their defaults as outlined above.

System Defaults

System defaults are set by editing fields in the Custom Fields module. This is accessed from the System main menu item by clicking on Custom Fields and then Create and Maintain.

Contact and Organisation types, as well as most other custom fields, allow the setting of a default value. If a user has their own user default set, it will override the system default.

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