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Using Message Profiles to Send Messages from Different Email Accounts

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If users need to send emails with a different email address or display name, ChilliDB Message Profiles allow this activity to be performed.

As ChilliDB users may have the need for one or more Message Profiles to be associated with their user login, setting up message profiles allows them to specify/change the name that is displayed to the recipient of any emails they send - for example, "Sales" (sent from; "Support" (sent from; "Eduaction" (sent from and so on.

Users can also create different message profiles for the different forms of communication they use - e.g.: Email, SMS, Fax).

The following steps outline how to setup a message profile and send an email to someone using that profile.

1. Login to ChilliDB and navigate to "Preferences"

2. Select "Maintain Email Preferences"

3. If there are existing message profiles, they will be available in the Message Profile List. To add a new message profile, click “Create”. Doing so reveals a pop-up window where users can fill in the details for the new profile.

4. Fill out the message profile details. In this case, this profile will enable emails to be sent from the “Chairman”, so the “Sender Address Display Name” will be set to “Chairman”. The “Sender Address Display Name” is the name which is used when setting the Sender’s name for any messages sent through ChilliDB from this profile. This message profile will be named “Chairman”. Each message profile can have its own signature and

use a different email address. When finished, click “Save” to save the changes.

5. The new message profile will now be listed, and it will also be set as the

default profile. If users have more than one message profile, they can nominate one as the default, which will then be pre-loaded into the Send Message screen.

6. To test the message profile, click Send Message in ChilliDB to create a new message. If users only have one message profile, then the Send Message window will automatically display that profile, and the functionality to switch between profiles is disabled. The following

image shows the signature of the message profile created above loaded into

the Send Message window. The recipient’s name has been masked in this image for privacy.

If you have more than one profile, you will see a “Select Profile” option under the Actions menu.

Clicking “Select Profile” will introduce a new drop down to the Send Message window which

shows a user's profiles and allows them to switch between them. When switching between

message profiles, users can see that the content of the editor changes to match the

signature of the message profile.

7. When finished entering the details for a new message, select “Send” to send it to the recipient(s). When the message arrives, the recipient will see that it is from “Chairman” intended.

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