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Information Management – Implementing CRM Systems

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

To help you better implement and manage a CRM system, here is a quick overview of the different user types and basic structure of system responsibility and information management among our best practice clients:

If you are looking at what factors contribute to your CRM decision – read our NFP CRM article with Probono.

Super User Group

Representing each key unit or department within your organisation, super users are advanced users that are the ‘go to’ person for best practice of ChilliDB.

Super users will undertake activities for the entire organisation, like running reports, data mining, doing bulk uploads and ensuring system utilisation is maintained and improved.

Super users often meet once a month to prioritise system enhancements, troubleshoot user challenges, communicate requests and enhancements with ChilliDB and oversee system usage policy.

A primary super user in a larger organisation is often an Information Manager or Data Base Analyst, while supporting super users may include program delivery officer, IT manager and an office manager. These users often need unrestricted access for days at a time, so have Named Licences.

Data Custodians

‘All day’ users may include front line staff like receptionists and administration support officers responsible for managing appointments and coordinating and updating external communication with contact and organisations.

Data custodians must be trained and updated in best system practice and are generally intermediate level users with some additional training – especially categorisation and use of custom fields. They will often set-up and manage intermediate functions like surveys, membership and event activities and have a named licence since they are a frequent system user.

Everyday CRM Users

Our best practice clients have more than 80% of staff utilising ChilliDB, generally sharing concurrent licences as these users may log in once or day or a few times a week at most to record client notes, access and view records and update staff tracking. ‘Everyday users’ make up the bulk of users in an organisation.

In some cases our best practice clients will dictate that ‘nothing is done unless it is in ChilliDB’ – so client records are methodically updated for improved collaboration and monitoring staff activities and service delivery.

System Champion

A senior level executive that is responsible for implementing and ensuring policy compliance, and communicating system priority at the senior executive level. Often a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or IT Manager, the system champion might communicate executive level reporting needs and update the CEO and board about productivity and communication benefits the system delivers. This user is infrequent and may only need a shared concurrent licence.

How Does ChilliDB Help with Information Management and System Best Practice?

ChilliDB Team works hard to enable our clients to achieve best practice and utilise the full range of system features, here is how we help:

  1. Quick Start videos to help you build an induction program for your users – alleviating the need for internal training

  2. Affordable Quick Start Packages provide a great mix of our experts setting up your newly deployed systems including some data migration and data mapping helps you start using your new system, quickly

  3. Affordable and accessible training for intermediate and advanced level users


So to start your journey onto implementing a new CRM system, start by answering these questions:

  1. Do you know who your key system users will be

  2. How do you see their roles in this Information Management strategy?

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