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Communicate Easily Using ChilliDB SMS

Get in front of your clients by utilising ChilliDB's SMS feature. ChilliDB allows you to easily send SMS messages to your contacts by either clicking on their mobile phones numbers or adding their mobile phone numbers to your distribution lists.

ChilliDB SMS also allows users to add mobile number fields to their web forms and once submitted the number will be automatically added to a distribution list for communication.

"SMS has a 98% open rate—way higher compared to 20% for email." - Gartner, 2021

ChilliDB SMS allows you to:

  • Send reminders to your participants on events

  • Send bulk text messages through distribution lists

  • Send alerts and notifications for any contact or organisation who has registered for information alerts

  • Option for clients to opt out of messages by replying "STOP"

  • Track details of the messages sent and restrict who can send them

Comparing SMS to Email


No internet is required SMS requires no internet which means you can reach your clients anytime and anywhere with mobile phone reception. Higher engagement levels SMS messages trigger banner notifications, alert sounds and more, to inform the user that they have a new message. Engagement levels are higher in SMS messages as it has been recorded that "on average we pick up our phones 58 times per day." - The Guardian, 2021 Character and length limit SMS messages are limited to 160 characters which allows you to keep your messages concise and encourages your audience to read the main points. Read more about our SMS limits here.


More cost effective Most email services offer free accounts and let you bulk email for free. No character and length limit Unlike SMS, emails have no restrictions on lengths and character limits which means you can provide all information as needed. You can also include images and file attachments. Personalised fields Emails allow you to use merge tags without risk to the email size. Merge tags allow your emails to be more personalised and to grab the user's attention more easily.

ChilliDB's SMS is an alternative and efficient way to keep your audience informed and up to date. Find out more ways to connect to your clients using ChilliDB through our article here.

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