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Keep Your Data Secure

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

ChilliDB takes security very seriously to ensure our client’s data is safe and secure. We do this through several initiatives which are continually optimised. They include broad policies such as only allowing trained internal staff access to client’s environments and data to system designs such as providing clients with their own dedicated applications and encrypted databases. You can further protect your data by implementing our additional security options offered through ChilliDB. Read below to find out more.

Two Factor Verification Add an extra layer of security to your login by setting up two-factor authentication. Once enabled in addition to your password you will also be asked to enter a unique code generated by an authentication app on your smartphone. For full instructions on how to set up Two Factor Authentication, refer to our article here! Authenticating using Azure If your passwords are managed using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) you can now manage ChilliDB user accounts directly from Azure AD avoiding users having to keep track of multiple passwords. Further details on Azure integration is here. Use Password Policies to ensure your passwords are secure ChilliDB reduces attempts to guess your password by pausing logins after 5 failed attempts. But this does not stop attacks using easily guessed passwords. Set up password rules to ensure you have strong passwords which are changed regularly to prevent security breaches. ChilliDB offers different types of password rules which you can help. To find out more about click here. Forgetting your password? Add up to three secret questions to protect your account. You can set these up easily in the Preferences” under the top right login icon. Further Details Have a look at our security policy here ( to learn more about what we do to protect your data.

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