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Work More Efficiently By Personalising ChilliDB

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

ChilliDB offers a number of ways to personalise your system so you can work more effectively. Most of these are located in "Preferences" in the user menu, which is accessed by clicking on the user’s initials on the top right of the screen.

Explore 7 ways to personalise your ChilliDB system by reading below!

Manage Screen Layout

Users can customise their dashboard layout in ChilliDB so they have the data they need to access most regularly at hand when they log in to the system. To do so, navigate to User Profile, select Preferences, and then click on "Manage Screen Layout" to rearrange the layout of the home page.

It is the possible to easily drag and drop the different modules from the Hidden Panels section into the Visible Panels grid.

Note: The Visible Panels grid has three sections - the top and bottom sections arrange the panels vertically down the screen. The middle section allows users to arrange panels in 3 columns across the screen, allowing for greater visibility.

To view more about altering the screen layout view our article here.

Set Up Email Profiles

Another way users can save time is by setting up multiple email profiles so they can easily send a message on behalf of another employee. This is done by navigating to User Profile and selecting Preferences (the same process as the Manage Screen Layout section above). Then click on "Maintain Email Preferences". Learn more about this process in our article here.

Turn On Prompt Panels The Assist Prompt Panels usually only appear the first time users access a module. This can be turned on permanently in User Profile under "Preferences - Maintain User Preferences" to get step-by-step tutorials in relevant modules.
Enabling Assist Prompt Panels
Assist Prompt Pop-ups

Access Our Help Guides

Turn on User Rules so they appear when the "Help" button is clicked in applicable modules.

Customise The Menu Order

Personalising the menu order allows users to save time searching for menu items they use everyday. For more information check out our article here.

Set Default Types For Modules

Save time by setting default types for Contact, Organisation and Case Management modules so new data can be entered quickly. Learn how to set up default values through our article here.

Pop Up Alerts

Be immediately informed of any changes in ChilliDB by turning on Pop Up Alerts in User Profile under "Preferences - Maintain User Preferences" to receive a notification as soon as someone has submitted a form, and so on.

Enable Alerts
Alert Information Screen

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