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Renaming and Reordering Tabs with Tab Management

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Tab Management window allows you to manage the tabs on certain ChilliDB screens including Organisations, Contacts, Notes and Events.

A user with the 'System Management Tab User Preferences' ticket can manage the following from the Actions > Tab Management selection on the relevant modules:

  • Hide a tab.

  • Re-order the tabs.

  • Restore the default settings.

In addition to the above, an individual user with the relevant User Ticket selected (System Management Tab System Settings) can also manage the following Tab Management functionality:

  • Change the name of a tab (allocate an alias to the Tab)

  • Restore the default settings.

Tab management popup for membership module

When finished with Tab Management for a particular module (Organisations, Contacts, Notes, Events etc), click on the Save button to confirm the settings are changed.

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