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How to save your searches

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Use Saved Searches to save your frequently used searches for easy use. Each user has their own set of saved searches.

1. Go to a search page

2. Click 'All Fields'

3. Enter the required search fields, then click Search

4. After the search results appear, a field and a Save New button represented by a floppy disc icon with an arrow appear next to the saved searches dropdown. Set the name of the saved search in the Save New field, and then click Save New. The name is saved in My Searches

5. To load your saved searches, select them from the My Searches dropdown menu and click the Load Icon. Then click Search to get your search results

6. When loaded, a Delete and Save As button appear. The delete button removes the search from the My Searches dropdown, and the Save As button can be used to save the searches under a different name and save any changes made to the search.

Saved searches can also be accessed from the home screen by adding the search panels from the manage page layout screen in preferences.

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