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Personalising ChilliDB Main Menu Items (Order/Visibility)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When setting up ChilliDB, one of the options available when it comes to personalisation is the reordering of the menu items that appear along the top of the screen relating to the different modules available.

ChilliDB allows users to display nine modules as individual menu items across the top of the screen and then groups all of the other modules under the “More” menu item on the far right. However, users are able to change the order of the menu items in their User Profile to ensure those modules most important to them are easily accessible. To do this:

1) First go to User Profile - Preferences:

2)Then choose “Maintain User Preferences”:

3) Scroll down to the section titled “Menu Order” and ensure the modules that are most important to you are listed 1-9:

E.g.: If you want the Membership module displayed as its own menu item, you would have to move it up into the top nine items in this list and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page:

4) Once you’ve done this the Membership module will now be displayed as its own menu item in the main menu:

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