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Announcing ChilliDB for Primary Health Networks

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We have been focusing on a number of key areas that from our experience will be critical, including:

  • Preparation of a Template database designed for PHN organisations – This includes relevant Categorisation and Custom Fields to meet key program deliverables.

  • PHN specific modules to support PHN organisations and resources that offer all the functionality required. Including the modules needed in the ChilliDB PHN edition ensures that you have everything you need in the most cost effective package.

ChilliDB for Primary Health Networks includes the following features:

  • ChilliDB platform – Contacts, Organisations, Notes, Events, Membership, Survey, Custom Fields, Data Loader, Data Mining, Reporting, Distribution Lists and Messaging along with a number of timesaving utilities.

  • Specialised modules - Contract Management, Client Administration, and ATAPS

  • Extensions – ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in and ChilliDB Web Controls for fast web site integration

  • Data Mining Data Sets, Searches and Reports to ensure you have the foundation reports to meet your program reporting requirements. These are also compatible with our new Visualisations and Live Dashboards feature which will soon be available.

  • Strategies, tools and resources for migrating from your existing ChilliDB system to the new PHN Template. This is for clients merging multiple ChilliDB databases, other systems or just looking to start fresh.

Introducing the ChilliDB Community Forums! The Primary Health Network edition has been made possible by leveraging our experience with Medicare Locals and Divisions of General Practice before them, and through ongoing discussions with many of our clients as they plan their future operations. However, we recognise the need to broaden our engagement.

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to collaborate in an online working group. The more collaboration, the better the outcome we believe can be achieved.

We have launched the ChilliDB Community Forums where you will find a forum dedicated to Primary Health Networks. Registration is free, simple and available to all. The ChilliDB Community Forums are available through the Community Forums menu item.

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