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Adding and reducing licenses

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

To adjust the amount of users who can access your system, you must add or reduce your ChilliDB licenses.

There are two types of licenses:

  • Concurrent licenses where each user has their own ChilliDB login, however they use a license from the pool of licenses (in other words, they are shared). With each login, a license is taken from the pool. This model supports peaks and troughs in system usage where you may have lots of users at different times of the day and not all users using the system at the same time.

  • Named licenses where each user has their own ChilliDB login and license and only they can use that license. This model supports clients who need to have access to ChilliDB at any time and do not want to miss out on being able to login due to there being no free licenses which would be the case if they had concurrent licenses

When your system runs our of available licenses, the following screen will start appearing to your users when they try to login to ChilliDB:

Your licenses are adjusted from the licensing details page. This is accessed from the 'Display Licensing Details' link on the system management page.

On the licensing details page, select the ‘add more licences’ or ‘reduce my licences’ links to adjust the amount of licenses for your system. The license changes take effect immediately. Please note that if named licenses are allocated to a user they can’t get deleted so they need to be reassigned.


When increasing licenses, an adjustment bill is sent straight away for that billing cycle, for decreases in licenses you will be charged less in the next bill. To avoid confusion with adjustment bills, only one change can be made per billing cycle. If you have made a mistake please log your license change request in the helpdesk.

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