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Creating Grouped Filters in ChilliDB Search

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

To create more complex filters that include grouped conditions, you can use the 'Make Filter Group' checkbox, which becomes available when clicking on 'New Filter' and choosing 'Show Filter Options' in the top right-hand corner of the new filter window. Grouped filters make the filter creation process more efficient and allow you to include multiple sets of conditions in the one search.

The "Make Filter Group" checkbox in this grid changes the selected row to a filter group. When the row has been made a group you can click the “add condition to filter group” link to add more filters to that group.

You can have multiple group filters. This allows you to set up multiple sets of rules in a single search. For example (Condition 1 AND condition 2) OR (Condition A AND Condition B). Another way to set up group conditions is (Condition 1) AND (Condition 2 or Condition 3 or condition 4). This way you can search for records that meet certain conditions and at least one of the other conditions with the OR joins.

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